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I listen to God first then to my lawyer Ms. Rosenberg

“This case is hopeless”- My mother was told by several immigration attorney she consulted before she found Ms. Rosenberg. I was detained to be deported from the United States within days. I am a citizen of the Dominican Republic and many years back I was married to a United States citizen. Through her I obtained a temporary “Green Card”. Then we separated and my application for removal of condition on my “Green Card” was denied due to fraud. I was then placed in Deportation proceedings in the Immigration Court but I was no longer married to my United States citizen wife. I got scared and didn’t show up for court. In my absence I was ordered deported by the immigration judge. Years after that I was convicted for a criminal offense and once I finished serving my sentence I was placed in detention to be deported by ICE due to my outstanding order of deportation from the immigration Court. By miracle my mother found Ms. Rosenberg- she came very highly recommended by another family whom she helped. She came to visit my in detention and thoroughly reviewed my case. AND MIRACLE! She found a technicality that all the other lawyers missed!!!! She found an error committed by the Immigration service which was that they erroneously issued me a temporary Green Card instead of a Permanent one. She promptly filed a Motion to Reopen which was granted. As a result I was immediately released. Ms. Rosenberg then terminated my deportation in court and applied for my permanent Green Card with Immigration. Ms. Rosenberg is a sharp and thorough lawyer!!!

I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me Ms. Rosenberg. God bless you!

– M. Canela


Aggressive in defending you

We hired her to defend my mother from Deportation in an Immigration Court. Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg applied for the relief of Cancellation of Removal on behalf of my mother. She worked with our entire family to prepare the documents required to prove the case and prepared all the witnesses for trial. Her court representation was suberb. At the end of the trial Judge Mills said to my mother “your lawyer did an excellent job”. Throughout the entire process she was very involved and attentive. Worth every penny! You can’t go wrong with this lawyer!

– Pawel Nowak


If there is a way she will find it

I’m from the former Yugoslavia and my case for political asylum was granted in 2001. Unfortunately the government appealed the judge’s decision and they won. I was devastated. I was scared and frighten to go back to the country where I suffered for so long. … for the next 10 years I went from lawyer to lawyer trying to reopen my case and resolve my issues. Two Motions to Reopen were filed and both were denied. In time I got married and had two children yet still no legal status in the United States. I was running out of hope and money. I was frustrated and angry. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. But then a relative of ours had a great experience with Ms. Rosenberg and praised her to high heavens. . To be honest I didn’t even want to try anymore. It was my husband who encouraged me to give it one last try. So we did! And thank God for that. I was very impressed with her knowledge and professionalism but also by her compassion. I know she has tons of cases like ours but she makes you feel like you really matter and that she really cares. This is what you get working with her. I always got nervous and intimidated going to appointments with lawyers but not with Ms. Rosenberg. She makes you feel very comfortable from the moment you walk in to her office. My husband and I both felt very confident that we should hire her. So we did. That very same day. She handled my case thoroughly and effectively. She did a lot of background work before even filing a Motion to Reopen. She led me all the way from a successful (finally!) Motion to Reopen to the Green Card. Couldn’t be happier with the service provided to me by Ms. Rosenberg. Thank you!

– Entela K.


Excellent lawyer! Fearless!

I found the law office of Marilyn Orbach-Rosenberg through a friend who highly recommended her. My husband was detained on a prior order of deportation. I consulted with many immigration attorneys who told me that my husband had no remedy and would be deported from the United States. I was heart broken as I am a United States citizen and we have three children who were born in the United States as well. I couldn’t imagine living without my husband but it was just as unthinkable for me to move to my husband’s country- Mexio where I have never been. Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg was highly recommended to me by a friend of mine. She had a difficult U visa case and Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg was able to have her case approved. I made an appointment with her that same day. I felt comfortable and at ease with her from the moment I started talking to her. She was compassionate and understanding.

I generally find lawyers intimidating so it was quite shocking to meet one that was so intelligent and so personable at the same time. She explained that she would make a motion to reopen my husband’s case with the Immigration court based on lack of notice as my husband was not aware of his order of deportation nor did he know of his immigration court proceedings all these years ago. I was impressed with her legal knowledge and attention to detail. I hired her that same day. Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg worked very closely with me to collect all the necessary documents to submit with the motion. Both her and her office were always available for questions and concerns and God knows I asked a lot! After the motion was submitted Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg was very proactive about it. She kept contacting the court for updates. Within a few weeks the motion was granted and my husband was released from detention. Both my husband and I couldn’t be happier with the representation from Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg. Thank you again! We will keep referring all our friends to you!

– B. Rojas


Tough Advocate for Hispanic Community (Translated from Spanish)

I’m writing this letter to describe the service I received from Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg in my immigration matter hoping it might help others to find the right immigration attorney.

I came to the United States in 1999 from El Salvador and applied for political asylum. Unfortunately my lawyer didn’t do a good job proving my case and it was denied. That same lawyer filed an appeal with the BIA. After a while I received a letter from the BIA stating that they were administratively closing my case so that I could apply for TPS. Due to a complicated personal situation I never applied for TPS during the initial registration period when I was supposed to apply. Years later when I wanted to apply I consulted with many lawyers who told me that it was too late. I gave up on my case until I accompanied a friend to her consultation with Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg in 2013. She made a very strong impression on me. She was clearly very well versed in the law. At the same time she was friendly and compassionate and genuinely wanted to help. I decided to ask her about my case and she informed me that I could still apply for late filing TPS. I had nothing to lose and really an Employment Authorization card so I hired Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg. Thank God I did. Today I’m a happy recipient of TPS.

The difference I found between Ms. Orbach-Rosenberg and other lawyers is that beside being a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer she really wants you to understand your own case and goes through great pains to make sure you really do. She makes you feel like your case really matters and does the utmost to help you.

– M. de Leon


Marilyn Rosenberg is a tough lawyer with a heart of Gold

I just got my asylum case granted thanks to Ms. Rosenberg! I’m a homosexual originally from Mauritania. My case was difficult as it involved many fraud issues concerning fraudulent testimonies, fraudulent documents and issues of credibility. When I came to her office I was depressed and hopeless. There were so many problems with my case that the Judge told me at my first hearing that I needed to hire a really good immigration lawyer to work through so many issues. Meeting Ms. Rosenberg totally changed my life. Ms. Rosenberg took over my case, completely redid it and resolved all the credibility and fraud issues one by one in the Immigration Court. From the start she had such a positive attitude. She said “You have a tough lawyer on your side so cheer up and let’s get movin’”. She gave me tough love and encouraged me to be proactive about my situation instead of wallowing up in sorrow and regret. I felt like she really cared about my case and always tried to keep me in good spirits. She was fierce and relentless in her representation. I still can’t believe my case was granted. Thank you so much! It was a true privilege having you as my lawyer!

– Ould S.


A lawyer who works hard, cares about your case and is on call 24/7

Before finding Ms. Rosenberg I have consulted with many lawyers about my wife’s case. We knew that a hardship waiver would have to be filed. We had two previous attorneys who filed two waivers and they were both denied. It was a difficult case with many complexities and we knew it. We were nervous but Ms. Rosenberg put us at ease from the start. While with all the other lawyers we felt rushed but Ms. Rosenberg took the time to answer each and every question. We were impressed by her knowledge and compassion. She really cared about our case and she was available to talk to us throughout the entire process. She is thorough and works very hard. Ms. Rosenberg prepared the waiver very well and it was approved in a matter of months! You can’t go wrong with this lawyer!

– Bianca S.


Referred many clients to her and all are highly satisfied

Marilyn is an outstanding immigration advocacy lawyer. She is thorough, dedicated, and passionate. To her, everyone is like family. Such familiarity combined with professionalism make her the lawyer for my family and I.”

– Anna W.


Efficient, thorough and hardworking lawyer

When I decided to apply for Green Card I wanted to find the right attorney to get real help. I was told that many of them are just telling you what paperwork you will need and send you on your way. Mrs.Orbach-Rosenberg explains every step of the process and holds your hand through it all. I was able to adjust my status in just a few months.

– DW


She freed my husband from detention and deportation

A friend of ours referred us to the Law Office of Marilyn Orbach-Rosenberg because of her excellent experience and knew no one else would fight harder for my husband. From the first meeting we had together, she assured me that my husband had a very good chance at being released from Immigration custody. I had explained to Mrs.Orbach-Rosenberg that we had met with a few Immigration attorneys and they had told us my husband should just accept his deportation. I could not tell that to our children. Mrs.Orbach-Rosenberg and her office worked very hard for our family and were able to get my husband released from ICE custody. Since then I referred many of our family and friends to Ms. Rosenberg and everybody is equally satisfied.

– D. Dutan


Terrific lawyer! Gets the job done!

I would like to extend my sincerest thank you to Marilyn for helping my family and I through this ordeal. My entire family is indebted to the guidance and legal advice she has given us. She embodies a portmanteau of professionalism and genuine concern for her clients. She is the lawyer for us.

– J. Patterson


5 star lawyer 5 star service

I had the experience of speaking with many attorneys that according to them had many years of experience with Immigration. These attorneys all advised me to wait for the Immigration reform as according to them I had no case. I knew the reform could take years. I found Ms. Rosenberg on the internet. She reviewed my file and informed me that I didn’t have to wait for the reform. She informed me that I was protected by the 245(i) law and I could adjust my status as soon as possible. I hired her and a few months later received my Green Card. 5 star lawyer 5 star service. You will not be disappointed.

– S. Salgado

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